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All-Round Support from Headquarters

The long-term success of Espressomobil is the focus. This is what drives us to support our partners when problems arise and to stand at their side.

Mobility and Independence

Espressomobil is completely mobile. You decide where your working location will be. You decide where you will manage your business from.

The Heart of Espressomobil

An efficient system is what allows us to prepare 100 servings of coffee per hour. The unique mixture of coffee beans, consisting of 83% Arabica and 17% Robusta beans, is specially roasted for Espressomobil and guarantees an extraordinary flavor.

Our Units

To completely fulfill the needs of our customers, we also offer coffee boxes, cases, and a shop concept in addition to our coffee Ape.

The Base

  • First-rate beans, roasted by a small Austrian roasting company

  • Automated portafilter espresso machine and fresh spring water from Mariazell.

The Result

The Result

  • Aromatic espresso, creamy cappuccino – fragrant mélange

  • Invigorating tea and delicious hot chocolate

  • Perfected Flying Barista – full and tasty Latte Macchiato

100% Top Quality thanks to

Fresh spring water

Flying Barista Bean

High-performance espresso machine

Fully trained baristi

Coffee preparation is Handwork

Art and Science!

A thorough knowledge of the science of coffee is required for the professional preparation of espresso specialties. The barista can discern the differences between different types of coffees and different types of roasts. This professional knows which exact mixture to select for each specialty. High-quality espresso machines allow for the slightest adjustments in coffee quantity, temperature, and pressure. The well-trained barista can reset the machine for every specialty, achieving the perfect results for the respective mixture. Characteristic of the barista’s work is that he does not let the machine prepare the finished beverage, but rather prepares every cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, or similar specialties by hand from freshly prepared espresso and milk foam.

This small bit of science is what we will be teaching you in our headquarters in Vienna

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