“The quality of a good cup of tea is 20% dependent on the tea and 80% dependent on the water which is used.” (Zhang Dafu, tea master of the Qing-Dynasty)

The Japanese Association of “Japanese Tea Instructors” even declares that the quality of the brewed tea is 99% dependent on the water.

Our Espressomobil Coffee consists of – depending on preparation method – 98% water. Therefore, in addition to the type of coffee, the roast, and the preparation method, the quality of the water is of major importance. That is when the aroma of the coffee can fully develop, and you will be able to enjoy the optimum coffee flavor and a perfect crema. That is why we use fresh, untreated spring water from freshwater Watercooler.

The spring water which we use is also known as Wildalpen baby water.

If a good result is important to you, then there is no doubt that water plays an important role in the preparation of tea, coffee, and hot beverages. Tap water in Europe is usually treated with chlorine and other preservatives, making it harder and containing a higher calcium content than the water in Japan. And the mountain spring water valued so highly by the Chinese – the supposedly best water for the preparation of tea – naturally contains, compared to tap water, the ideal level of minerals – comparable to freshwater Springwater from Wildalpen. The composition of our Springwater, the oxygen content, hardness level, pH balance, and the mineral content is the secret of the flavor. This is also the reason why the crema varies in your coffee, and why tea varies in color, aroma, and flavor.

In order to allow the aromas of tea, coffee, and hot beverages to fully develop, and to obtain a consistently high quality result, we use Wildalpen Springwater from the freshwater water dispenser and watercooler.