The mobile coffee to go company “Espressomobil” just opened the smallest coffee bar in Vienna. The little hole in the wall near the Grinzing streetcar station, only 1 m deep and 6 m wide, was the perfect location for their new renter, Espressomobil.

With its retro design, the smallest coffee bar in Vienna was a perfect fit in the narrow shop as well as with the ambience in Grinzing. “For over two years we’ve been running all around Vienna with our little coffee wagon. Now we have something additional to offer Grinzing in the form of Vienna’s smallest coffee”, emphasizes Peter Lindmoser, director of Espressomobil.

The location is open from 7 AM in the morning until 7 PM in the evening. Weekends and holidays, it is open from 10 AM until 6 PM. This means the early birds as well as the tourists in Grinzing will be able to enjoy the high-quality coffee to go. And those who have a little extra time will be able to take a small Internet break thanks to the free EspressmobilWLAN available on location.

About Espressomobil

Espressomobil was founded by Peter Lindmoser and Moriz Fleissinger in 2012. Today it employs more than 20 people. What are now a total of 11 rebuilt Piaggio Apes feature built-in, top of the line, portafilter espresso machines. We arrive daily to serve locations including the Alte AKH, Stadtpark, Spittelau and the Technical University. An Espressomobile has become a standard fixture at many events. Another innovation is the Espressomobil-Coffee-Case, which fits in every elevator. True coffee lovers can attend Espressomobil-Workshops where they will learn everything about the world of coffee, in addition to learning how to make beautiful designs in milk foam.

Espressomobil Coffeebar
Himmelstraße 5
1190 Vienna/Austria