As of Monday, May 18, Vienna’s favorite shopping street has become even better with the addition of a Espressomobil Coffee to go Shop. Our second smallest coffee bar in the city opened at Mariahilferstrasse 32.

As of today, delicious coffee to go is available in the U-Passage of the subway, prepared with our Flying Barista. We use – just as with our mobile stations – fresh Alpine spring water from our partner company Freshwater.

And because sometimes just coffee alone isn’t enough, the location also serves tasty delicacies from the house of Hnuta.

Fresh apricot or chocolate croissants, tramezzini, tiramisu, and Hnuta’s specialties are prepared fresh daily in the small kitchen at 1190 Vienna.

Also new: Slimtim. These are detox juices offered in a variety of types. We are open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

About Espressomobil 

Espressomobil was founded by Peter Lindmoser and Moriz Fleissinger in 2012. Today it employs more than 20 people. What are now a total of 11 rebuilt Piaggio Apes feature built-in, top of the line, portafilter espresso machines. We arrive daily to serve locations including the Alte AKH, Stadtpark, Spittelau and the Technical University. An Espressomobile has become a standard fixture at many events. Another innovation is the Espressomobil-Coffee-Case, which fits in every elevator. True coffee lovers can attend Espressomobil-Workshops where they will learn everything about the world of coffee, in addition to learning how to make beautiful designs in milk foam.

Espressomobil Shop
Mariahilferstrasse 32-34 in the passage
1070 Vienna/Austria